Don’t Let Your Car Get Messy: Organize Your Car in 5 Easy Steps

car cleaning tipsYou may not think much about it but your car serves more than just a means of transportation. For most people, it is basically a “home on wheels” since it carries everything they need while on the go.

Considering the fact that most Americans spend 72 to 120 minutes in their car on a daily basis, keeping your car organized can be good for you. It can help you:

  • Reduce your stress level. Getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter allows you to enjoy greater peace of mind.
  • Save on fuel costs. You can shed excess weight by unloading everything that you don’t use on a regular basis or need in case of emergency. For all you know, this may be enough to help you save on fuel costs and improve your tire wear.
  • Keep your family safe while on the road. Fumbling for items takes your concentration off the road while loose items can cause serious injury in case of accidents.

Organizing Your Car

  • Take everything out. Be ruthless when organizing your car. Take everything out, including all the items that have accumulated in the trunk and cargo area. Dispose of all the garbage and keep only those items that you frequently and occasionally use as well as those that you might need in case of emergency.
  • Analyze and prioritize. Analyze how you use your car and set your priorities accordingly. Determine which items you need to keep close at hand and those that can be stored in the back of the car. You can also prevent clutter by paring down duplicate items.
  • Do a thorough clean. Clean all interior surfaces, vacuum the seats and floor and shake out the floor mats. Keep a trash bin on the floor of the back seat or hang a trash bag from the dashboard to prevent messing up the car.
  • Contain your needs. Use car organizers and cargo containers to contain loose items. Aside from keeping your car virtually clutter-free, these items can also protect your car and its occupants against damage and injury in the event of a sudden stop or a crash. If you have kids, use a behind-the-seat organizer to have a dedicated storage space for their toys, books and travel games.
  • Rinse and repeat. Go through the process once every season to keep your car clean, safe and clutter-free.


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