Check Your Flight Plans–Here Comes the FlyLady!

Is your kitchen sink clean and shiny?

Do you get dressed EVERY morning and always remember to put on your shoes?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are following 2 of the 11 commandments written by the popular web icon FlyLady.

Many of our clients comment on They enjoy getting her daily tips and inspirational motivations delivered to their inbox. Though a shiny sink and the daily wearing of shoes may seem a little uninspirational to some, FlyLady does something else. She offers the motivation, support, direction, and maybe even a little giggle, to get you started on your day.

Her basic foundation comes from developing what she calls a control journal. Though available for purchase, she explains how to build your own.What is a control journal? It is a set of routines for you to follow. A list of routines that work for you that you want to develop into habits. It is a place to keep all those “to-dos”, or action items as we prefer to call them here at Absolutely Organized.

FlyLady reminds us to break overwhelming tasks into baby steps that are easier to manage, to work every day on organizing (but only for short periods of time) and to reward ourselves.

If you want to follow the FlyLady, click here to get started on her 31 day plan. You will shine your sink on day one, work with sticky notes on day two, and by day three you will be off to the launch pad exploring different zones of your home and receiving recommendations as to what to work on for the week. From vacuuming your living room to sorting piles of paper–she has all the bases covered. You’ll get monthly tips and mission plans but never leave this planet.

Marla Cilley, the FlyLady, is an avid fly fisherman. This is how the term FlyLady was born. She states on her website FLY goes beyond her love of fishing, it means: First Love Yourself.

As with most organizational websites, supplies and products, this probably won’t be the remedy you have been looking for to cure all your organizational woes. But FlyLady appears to fill a needed inspirational and supportive void for many people. It might be worth a look.

Remember, setting organizational goals, planning your path and implementing and staying on track is overwhelming to many. A professional organizer can help you get, and stay, on track.

Jenny PowerAbsolutely Organized, LLC

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