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“With a pro like Kathy Trezise leading the charge, anyone can find her way to the organized life.”

Kay MacIntosh
Former Editor, Style Magazine
January-February 2002 Issue

“This is just a quick follow up to tell you that Cindy and I – as well as our daughter Chloe – were very pleased with JoAnne and our work with her this morning. Thank you all – and especially Joanne – for the work you did this morning. I told Cindy, “We just added a whole ROOM onto our house!” With JoAnne’s assistance, we may be able to move our baby into that room this week with Sara to follow soon. Lastly, I just want to tell JoAnne what a good job she did working with Chloe and involving her in the process. Chloe says she likes JoAnne so much she wants to trade her sisters Katie and Sara for JoAnne!”


“Got the clutterbug really bad? A professional organizer can help. You might check out one in your area. To our readers in the Baltimore environs, call Kathy Trezise. She’s superb.”

Harry Olson
Maximum Potential, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

“Daily money management is done for me by Jenny Power. She is a delight to work with! She arrives promptly at the time specified once a month. She goes through all my unopened mail and sorts it and files it. She organizes the bills and pays them both online and by check. She reconciles the bank accounts and balances them. At the beginning of the year she created a budget for me. She is very organized and detail oriented. I highly recommend her.”

Dr. Aubrey Richardson
Sparks, MD

“Julie’s compassionate and accepting ways helped me to get through my problems.  She thinks carefully about the ideas she offers in any situation, and is very enjoyable to work with.”

Towson, MD

“Mia was a pleasure to work with and very patient.”

Columbia, MD

“Please let Julie know that I continue to make progress in my home and am grateful for the time she spent with me. By the way, feel free to let potential customers know that I saved over three thousand dollars in taxes because of the one session where Julie helped me sort through papers in time to file an amended return.”

Baltimore, MD
“I am a physician and live in Southern California. My mother, now in her early 90’s lives in Towson, Maryland, is a retired elementary school teacher, and an avid bridge player. Several years ago she moved into a lovely retirement community in Towson but her living space was much smaller. She began to feel overwhelmed by all the paperwork she was needing to keep track of and by having to downsize and stay organized. I was trying to help her when I came East for visits but was exhausted by the amount of work there was. I found Absolutely Organized online and from the first time we had contact, I was impressed. Lisa went to work helping my mom on a weekly basis initially and now at 2-4 week intervals. They are very pleasant to work with both from my end as well as my mother’s, and Lisa has helped her go through, and either throw out or organize, all her papers and boxes of “stuff” she brought with her when she moved. Her head is finally “above water”, thanks to Absolutely Organized!”
Adaline Corrin, MD

“JoAnne was very professional, courteous, and easy to work with. She worked through my piles of confusion without batting an eye, as though this was the way everyone lived! It was most important to me that the organizer appear to be comfortable working with me, and I must say, she certainly met that criteria! She came for a total of four sessions and got me re-directed with a more organized approach.  JoAnne was very professional and demonstrated lots of organizational techniques which resulted in cleaning out night table drawers, clearing off table tops and efficiently deciding on what to put where. The filing system for mail is VERY helpful and practical, though I would not have thought of it, on my own.”

Bel Air, MD

“You were so inspiring that I kept going for another 2-1/2 hours after you left! My basement had paralyzed me for years. Now, I’m scooting down there, piling up things to sell, throwing other stuff away, and – possibly best of all – feeling hopeful.”

Bethesda, MD

“My dad and I really enjoyed spending our day with you (Julie) today. Spoke with him this evening; he was in really good spirits relaxing in bed listening to the radio. Just think what a profound impact you have engineered in just one day. Can’t wait til our next set of sessions in April!”

Baltimore, MD

“JoAnne, thanks again for all of your assistance and suggestions yesterday. I was thrilled last night and amazed this morning when I came downstairs. Whew – it was a huge rush seeing things so well cleaned out! It is wonderful. I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for everything we accomplished yesterday.”

Baltimore, MD

“Kathy, thank you for the follow-up note. I commenced to clear everything off my desk when I returned to the office late yesterday. Now I have various piles on the floor, however the desktop is clear. It’s a start & I’ve ‘scheduled’ 60 minutes at the end of each day to work on the mess. Your presentation hit home on many fronts…… My office did not get to this state of disarray overnight & it won’t get organized overnight. Thank you for providing key points to stay focused. I look forward to your  newsletter.”

Gladys Harris
Dover, NJ

“Jenny- Thanks for the suggestions and your time to help me in trying to be Absolutely Organized.”

John Ward
Smyth & Ward, P.A.
Shrewsbury, PA

“Julie did a great job! I hired Absolutely Organized to help me organize my mother’s home… And they did that and more! I highly recommend their services!”

Washington, DC

“Julie put me at ease with her understanding nature.  We worked as I was able to, and she always knew how to get me going again when I felt overwhelmed.”

Baltimore, MD

“Thank you for all your hard work. It seems we were the kind of folks who just needed a start. We are looking forward to having a work and play space where once there was no space to walk!”

Baltimore, MD

“Thanks for the leads with the handymen. I have made great progress with your assistance. It was fun to work with you. I will be happy to recommend you to others in need.”

Timonium, MD

“JoAnne came to my home and helped me with some school files. It was great working with someone who was flexible with ideas yet stayed focused on the goal of a filing system that would work for me. I would ask JoAnne back for organizing help in the future.”


“Thank you so much for your help. I love coming to work now! Today I stopped by Office Depot for the supplies you suggested. I’m looking forward to our next session!”

Baltimore, MD

“What fun it is to work with you! I really look forward to our organizing sessions, for not only do we accomplish a great deal, but you make it so enjoyable! Best of all, it is so wonderful to have my kitchen and pantry counter and my bathroom clean, neat and always ready for company. I can’t tell you how much pleasure my husband and I have in having it all free of clutter and “absolutely organized”! Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with me. I can hardly wait to tackle our next project.”

Timonium, MD

“You offered some good tips that I can put to work here in my home. For instance, I need to create a bill paying station. It is one of those things that we do at the kitchen counter, but don’t really have the tools and storage there to do it. Consequently, the counter is always full of paper piles. Thank you for the tip!”

Reisterstown, MD

“I wanted to write a note to say how much I enjoyed my time with JoAnne. She was wonderful. She listened to my needs. She had patience, was courteous and kept me focused, which I needed. I am so glad that your company exists. I would be happy to have JoAnne help me again.”


“Thanks for all your help. You saved me a lot of time and aggravation.”

Laurel, MD

“A winter storm wrecked our airline itinerary to arrive home 48 hours before Christmas Eve. I had great plans to finish decorating, to add my signature bows to the packages, put up the last tree, make 3 or 4 special desserts, etc. As I was driving through the rain all night, a line from one of your articles resonated in my head – what’s not so important that it’s ok to let go or not do it? Well, that narrowed my “to do” list down to bare essentials. It was a wonderful Christmas and no one missed the extras! Thanks for the timely tip!”

Bolton, CT

“JoAnne Cianfichi is a miracle worker. She is energetic and directed. She systematically dug our small two-bedroom apartment out of despair. Before JoAnne organized our home, there were piles of stuff everywhere. We hated coming home and never invited friends over or entertained. My daughter’s room was overrun with old toys and completely unlivable. We were so relieved to purge all the junk we collected and have spaces for the things we decided to keep. Home is no longer a prison. My daughter is proud to keep her room clean and excited to invite friends over to play. Now we evaluate everything that comes into the house and decide if it’s to keep, donate or trash. Thanks to JoAnne, we now have peace of mind.”





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