Get Organized

You’ve taken the important first step toward living an organized life by visiting this website. If you’re ready for that next step, we offer the following service packages:

  • First Session Jump-Start: The solution for people who have the time, energy, and ability to organize themselves but need a roadmap to get started. ($275 for a 3-hour session)
  • Enjoy My Space Again: A hands-on service for people who have larger quantities of items and/or multiple rooms to be organized. After conducting a needs assessment by phone, we work side by side with you to organize your space(s), and will deliver small-item donations to a local charity. ($975 for 4 sessions or $1,775 for 8 sessions – pre-paid)
  • Keep Me Organized: The ideal follow up service — either conducted in person or over the phone (PowerLine℠ Virtual Organizing) — for people who want to stay organized after they meet their initial organizational goals.
  • My Personal Bookkeeper: We will organize your finances with services that include paying bills, balancing checkbooks, processing payroll, and computerizing bank and credit card accounts on Quicken® or QuickBooks™. ($80 per hour)
  • PowerLineVirtual Organizing: A phone-based consultative service that is a proven-effective follow up to in-person services. We can help get you back on track and keep you on track so you can continue to realize your organization goals. An option in the Keep Me Organized service offering. ($80 – $180 per month)

Absolutely Organized can also design a personalized solution, for the short or long term, to meet your specific organization needs. Contact us and let us know how we can help. 770-733-1957, or

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