Help! My Garage is a Mess!

Many of us neglect our garages during the colder winter months. When spring and summer arrive, we realize it is time to purge the garage and make space for the things we really want to keep. We also want to be able to find something in the garage when we need it!

This week, we’ll share some tips on organizing your garage. Keep in mind a garage is a large space. Break the space up into manageable sections and work on one area at a time. Reward yourself after you organize each section. It may take several sessions to organize your garage, but you will reap the rewards year-round.

Here are some garage organization tips from the experts at the Container Store. 


Sort and purge

When cleaning out the garage, decide which items should be kept and which can be discarded or donated to charity. A good rule of thumb is to discard items that haven’t been used within two years. Properly dispose of old paint and oil cans and empty cleaning supply bottles.

Think visibility and accessibility

Always place items where they are easy to see and reach. Items used most often should be stored at eye level or below. Seasonal items should be kept on higher shelves. Choose ventilated shelves and drawers that allow visibility to what you’re storing – they also prevent dust and dirt from collecting.

If necessary, store items in boxes or bags to keep them clean – clear containers will let you see immediately what’s inside.

Put everything in its place

Typically, 80% of items stored in a garage can be kept on shelving – the other 20% (such as handled tools and gardening helpers) is generally stored on a hook. You’ll need a combination of shelving, drawers, and hooks to keep everything organized.

Designate an area to store like items together and be conscientious about returning the items to their proper place. For example, tools should be stored in one area and Christmas ornaments in another. Creating “zones” within your garage will help all family members know where to locate items.

Look for hidden storage areas

If your storage space is limited, consider storing items under a workbench, behind the door, and on vertical wall space. There are a wide variety of door and wall hooks and racks to maximize every inch of space in your garage.


Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized

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