Household Administrative Organizing /Personal Bookkeeping

The “business” of household administration is time-consuming and can be confusing. We understand that clutter and disorganization can take more than an emotional toll when it comes to managing your day-to-day finances and paperwork. It can cost you plenty in late fees, penalties, and fines, and hurt your credit rating. It can also hurt your family relationships.

Absolutely Organized can help you keep your finances and paperwork in order. Imagine your relief when...

  • Your bills are always paid on time
  • You know how much money you have in your checking account
  • You can see exactly how you’re spending your money
  • Your medical insurance claims are filed promptly
  • You no longer have piles of mail and papers around your house
  • You can file your income tax returns on time

We provide household administrative organizing and bookkeeping services (also known as daily money management) to a variety of clients, including:

  • Busy professionals and families with limited time to manage their household finances
  • People whose chronic disorganization makes it difficult to keep their finances organized
  • Senior citizens and people incapacitated by illness, chronic conditions, or disabilities who are no longer capable of managing their own finances
  • Children or caretakers of the elderly or disabled who feel overburdened by the added financial responsibility

You'll gain and maintain control with Absolutely Organized at your side. We will:

  • Sort and organize paperwork
  • Open and process your mail
  • Create paperwork processing systems
  • Set up filing systems
  • Document and organizing your vital documents and information
  • Help you organize your time
  • Establish a budget and track your expenses
  • Organize records for tax preparation
  • Pay bills and set up automatic payments
  • Computerize your checking and credit card accounts
  • Submit medical insurance claims
  • Tracy
    I have always worked from home and love the freedom of a home office. But my office has always been a mess. The disorganization made me feel anxious. I planned weekends to 'get organized' but I always procrastinated. Katherine helped me set goals for my ideal office, to develop a clean-up plan, and commit to follow through with the plan. The steps she set up for me were simple, but without her assistance I would not have finished the job. We worked as a team. She was at my side helping me to purge my office. We de-cluttered my desk, discarded unwanted items, eliminated piles on the floor, made optimum use of my storage space, and created a place for everything. I am thrilled with the results of our efforts! I can now focus my energy on my work and not my mess.

Absolutely Organized offers in-home services to clients in North Fulton County, GA and surrounding cities. For clients who live outside our service area, we can provide most services remotely; please call 770-733-1957 for details.

Katherine Trezise is a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). She adheres to the high standards set forth in the industry for servicing her clients’ organizing and financial needs professionally and confidentially.

  • Suzanne
    Dear Katherine, I wanted to thank you so much for all your time and assistance in organizing my home, setting up a schedule, setting up the system for on-line bill paying with my bank, and setting up a budget. I am still amazed at how much you accomplished with each session! Your kind, non-judgmental demeanor made the process relaxed, and it was also fun! Thanks to all your assistance, you have given me peace of mind in my living environment, and my family and friends are also really impressed with what you did to make such a neat, organized environment. It was honestly the best investment I have ever made!
  • Nancy
    I'm taking the basic organizing principles I learned from working with you and have applied them to other rooms. You should see my linen closet! I have a sense of peace that hasn't been there because of clutter and confusion. I now sort my mail every day in a matter of minutes and have found that the new system works not only for the mail, but for any paperwork coming into the house. I have a feeling that you may hear from other people I've talked to. I'm so excited about your services that I'm telling anyone that I would want to help.