Keeping Kids’ Room Organized: 3 Tips to Keep Clutter in Check

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Keeping Kids’ Room Organized: 3 Tips to Keep Clutter in Check

While your kids can easily mess up their bedrooms, cleaning it up and keeping it organized can be tough. How can you bring order to these rooms when your little ones’ idea of cleaning up is piling their clutter in the corner or hiding them inside the closet? Needless to say, this calls for some serious intervention. If you are at a loss on how you should go about this challenging task, here are some useful tips that you may want to consider.

Tips in Organizing Kids’ Rooms

Look at the space from a child’s eye view. The best way to get started in organizing your kids’ room is by looking at it from their vantage point. You need to see things the way they see it to better understand what works and what doesn’t. By getting down to their eye level, you will probably notice that adult furniture and storage systems do not work for them. Thus, you need to choose solutions that perfectly fit their needs and capabilities.

Declutter the space. Kids’ rooms are usually the messiest space in the house. Since most of these rooms are relatively small and are often shared by several children, out-of-season clothes and toys may literally cover every inch of the space. In addition, they probably cannot keep their rooms clean since there is nowhere to store their stuff. To solve this problem, start sorting. Designate a box for things that should be (1) kept, (2) donated or sold at a yard sale, (3) stored, and (4) thrown away. For best results, get your kids involved in the process.

Build a routine. To keep your kids from slipping back to their messy habits, build a clean-up routine into their day. Teach them to make their beds and put their dirty clothes to the hamper as soon as they get up in the morning, and put away their toys before going to bed.

Keeping your kids’ room organized can be a challenge but you can definitely make it work by following these simple tips! Contact Absolutely Organized, LLC if you need professional help to organize your childs room.

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