Meet the Membo: A Daily Task Reminder

 Even from a young age, children can participate in age-appropriate chores around the house. They like the responsibility or challenge. The only problem is we often have to go back and make sure they remembered to do the task or chore they were assigned, if not, the dead fish will be floating in the tank because they were never fed. When we have to go back and check to make sure a task was completed, we are often labeled by our children or spouse as Mrs./Mr. Nag. Then we start thinking, “I should have just done that task myself.” There is an easier way-the Membo.
Membo is a small, mountable, task reminder system. It is ideal for routine tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. Mount it near the task location. When someone performs that task they turnover a tab on the Membo. You will never have to ask your son or daughter is they fed the dog or cat, and Fluffy won’t starve. You will have a visual reminder to view. Is the homework finished? Check the Membo.
In order to make the Membo more fun to interact with, there are downloadable icons you can print out and slip into the Membo system. (What a great solution for children who are too young to read.)We can think of hundreds of uses for the Membo at home, work, or school. Check it out at

Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized

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