Are you a D.I.Y. kind of person? My Journey to an Organized Life is the guidebook you need to start living a clutter-free more organized life today.

  • Amazon Reviewer
    I normally don't like to write reviews for books, because what one person likes, another doesn't always. But this particular book was so well-written that I believe it could apply to most anyone and could help most anyone. I like how the author gives very practical advice to the reader. The book was written in such a way that it could be followed without any problem, whether the readers just want general ideas or specific ways to de-clutter their lives. Glad I bought this!
    Amazon Reviewer
  • Elizabeth Hagen
    There are many “how to get organized” books on the market but none like My Journey to an Organized Life. Katherine and Jennifer found a new way to reach those who are overwhelmed and want to change their lives. Not only will this book motivate you to take action, but the authors give you specific steps to take. Start today, and change your life forever.
    Elizabeth Hagen
    Speaker, Business Coach, and Author

In an effort to help people who are suffering from chronic disorganization, organization experts Katherine Trezise and Jennifer Power recently published their book My Journey to an Organized Life: A Creative Road Map for Organizing Your Time, Space, and Finances. This book is quite unique in the sense that it breaks the mold of traditional organizational self-help books and uses the power of a story to motivate people on their journey to a more organized life.

Realizing the power of having someone to relate to, the authors decided to use a fictional character (Mary) who represents all the traits typically seen in chronically disorganized people. By doing this, the authors hope that they will be able to forge a stronger bond with the readers, show them that they are not the first ones to walk on the path to organization, and make them feel that their journey is easier to navigate if they do it with someone they trust.

As the story unfolds, Mary shares her organizational agonies and successes with the readers to provide them the knowledge, motivation, support, hope, and confidence they need to help them reduce the disorganization in their lives. To further emphasize the lessons, the book also features a Now It’s Your Turn section at the end of each chapter that the readers can use as a step-by-step workbook to achieve their own organizational goals.

My Journey to an Organized Life includes valuable lessons on why you should start organizing your life today and how you should go about in planning your journey to freedom from disorganization. It also provides precious advice on how the readers can better manage their time, and organize their finances, documents, home, and everything else in their lives.

My Journey to an Organized Life can be YOUR success story of freedom from disorganization.