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Pottery Barn and IKEA Product Picks

It is much easier to show someone a picture of how you want something to look then to describe it with words. It is true that a picture paints a thousand words. As professional organizers, pictures provided by our clients help us to better imagine and help plan, and implement, our clients’ goals. Pottery Barn and IKEA have great catalogs to page through when looking for new and innovative organizing products as well as room organization ideas.

Pottery Barn has a new product line called Gabrielle Organization Components. This is advertised as a build-it-your-way organizational system. What do we like about it?

Instead of buying just one organizational system that may or may not meet all your needs, you can customize and purchase only those pieces that are required for the space you need to organize. Traditional places we are asked to help organize, such as kitchens and foyer areas, can easily be organized so everything is neatly stored where it belongs while best utilizing the space available.

Looking for an easy, last minute organizing job for your children before they head back to school? IKEA’s under-the-bed storage boxes are a great storage solution when space is limited. At just $7.99 and $9.99, the Kusiner and Pysslingar storage boxes are cute, kid-friendly and make room clean up a breeze. If you are looking for the same storage solution in an adult version, the Malmunder-the-bed-storage box comes in a variety of finishes and has rollers so you can easily access what you have stored under your bed when you need it.
Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC

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