Organize Your Rogue Kitchen Drawers

IKEA Storage Solutions for Drawer Organization


Organizing kitchen drawers can be a real drag. Everything in our kitchen is of various sizes but our drawers scream one-size-fits-all! Not true. A rolling pin is not the same size as a paring knife and a 10 quart stock pot is shaped nothing like a cookie sheet. And if you are like most of us, the kitchen drawers tend to house other odds and ends such as batteries, twist-ties/clips, straws, magnets, pens, and who knows what else. For most of us, once something goes in a rogue kitchen drawer, it may never be seen again.


Ready for some creative storage ideas? Chez Larsson featured a whole article on her blog page addressing kitchen drawer storage.  How did she make it work? I introduce to you the Rationell Recycling Bin from IKEA. This 8x6x6 storage container fits nicely in drawers and provides separation and organization for all your smaller kitchen gadgets and leftover odds and ends. These bins work great in unison. Check out the final result below.


Best of all, any unused space in the back of your drawer can house any oddly shaped kitchen gadgets such as rolling pins or skewer sticks. Everything is organized and easy to find. Try this storage solution in your bathroom for cosmetic and hair accessories as well.


Give it a try! Check back on our blog page  and let us know how this storage solution works for you.


Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized

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