Organizing Products OUR Organizers Can’t Live Without

There are so many organizing products out on the market, and many new ones introduced all the time.  Some products are meant to cure one particular sticky situation, others, to be a more aesthetically pleasing revival of traditional favorites. Our organizers took a moment to share their favorite organizing products. Do you rely on any of these products, too?


Hanging Poly Expanding File: ( It has 12 pockets and can be used in either a hanging file system (like Pendaflex) or in a standard filing system (manila folders).  I like these for tax-related papers, one per year.  At the beginning of the year, I get a new expanding file, or empty and reuse an old one.  I label each section according to the tax documents I’ll collect during the year:  Bank statements, credit card statements, paid medical bills, explanations of benefits for medical expenses, charitable donation receipts and tax statements.  At the end of the year, all my tax-related documents are already together and ready for me to send to my accountant.  Then I keep the tax supporting documents and a copy of my completed tax return in this folder for the required retention period.



Brother Label Maker:  I have been relieved often when I use it, and it really makes a difference to clarify what is being stored in boxes or solid color bins.  I see so many clients that I, myself, can forget what places we set things up in.  When the boxes and bins are labeled, it is easy to come back to a newly set-up project and find the correct place for more items.


iPhone 5s
:  I love the calendar feature. If I would lose my phone, I wouldn’t know what I was doing tomorrow. Glad it’s backed up in the cloud. If I have things to accomplish on a particular day I title it, “to do”, give it an arbitrary time of day and then list the things I need to do in the notes section of the day.



iPad: I use it at some clients’ homes that do not have internet, and as with the iPhone it has all of the information that I need for any day. The calendar is my lifeline and I put everything down as an “appointment” so I keep getting notifications until I do what is necessary.


MOS- Magnetic Organization System: ( The MOS has made my life, and my teenage son’s life, so much easier. Multiple charger and USB cables that used to vanish and fall off the back of our desks are now secured to one small and sleek-looking magnetic home-they are always where we need them, when we need them.  The MOS has a suction, magnetic and adhesive base so it will stay put wherever you put it. This would be a great device to keep other magnetic items where you want them such as keys, paperclips, etc.


Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC

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