Organizing the Basement: 3 Simple Tips to Get Started

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Organizing the Basement: 3 Simple Tips to Get Started

In an effort to keep their living spaces organized, most people tend to store all their unused and previously loved stuff in the basement. They get so used to it that instead of disposing items that no longer serve their purpose, most homeowners keep them around in the basement just in case they’ll need them in the future – which, of course, never happens. As a result, it becomes a huge dumping ground – a terrible eye sore that is best kept hidden from everyone’s view.

Aside from being an ugly jumble of mess, basement clutter can be a terrible inconvenience. After all, finding anything or accomplishing any productive work can be impossible in an area where chaos and disorganization rules. In addition, a cluttered basement can also be a serious fire hazard, especially if you store flammable materials.

3 Simple Tips in Organizing the Basement

Assess the clutter

Go through everything. Know which items you would like to keep and decide which ones you would like to donate and/or toss away. Sort the items you would like to keep and group them accordingly so you can put them where they belong. Don’t forget to label everything while you’re at it. This will make your job a lot easier.

Plan your layout

Decide how you would use your basement and divide it accordingly into zones (utility, storage and living areas). Test your layout by marking the different areas. For best results, incorporate storage areas around the house mechanicals (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.).

Use the right storage solutions

Since basements can be damp and are prone to flooding, choose sturdy storage solutions (preferably plastic bins) that can keep moisture, rodents and bugs out.

Bringing your basement back to order may require a significant sweat equity but the rewards are definitely well worth it!


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