Organizing Your Pantry? 5 Simple Tips to Simplify Your Job

Organizing your pantry

Organizing Your Pantry? 5 Simple Tips to Simplify Your Job

Most of us dream of having a super organized pantry. Unfortunately, only a few are lucky enough to have one. If you want to make your dream a reality, here are some tips that can help you turn your disorganized pantry into something that you can be proud of showing to your friends.

Start with a clean slate

Take everything out of your pantry and throw out all the expired items. Also discard all items that you no longer use before wiping your pantry clean.

Divide it into zones

You can simplify your task of organizing your pantry by dividing it into zones. Identify the contents according to categories that fit your lifestyle (quick breakfast items, portable lunches, weeknight dinners, impromptu entertaining, baking items, etc.) and designate a particular section for each. Label each zone and make sure you keep the most used items within easy reach.

Plan several meals at a time

To cut meal preparation time in half, plan several meals at once and sort the non-perishable items for each meal into separate bins or baskets. Make sure you attach a label and the recipe to each bin to facilitate ease of access.

Organize your kitchen tools and appliances

Mount hooks on the wall or on the back of your pantry door and use them to hang bulky or seldom used utensils. Specialty appliances such as food processors, toaster or convection ovens, popcorn and ice cream makers, and frozen drink machines should also be kept in the pantry if space allows.

Use a label printer

Label all your food containers, spice bottles and bins. It can make your task a lot easier.

There shouldn’t be any room for clutter, chaos and disorganization in your kitchen so start organizing your pantry with these simple tips.


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