Presentations for Your Group

  • Are you looking for a passionate and knowledgeable speaker to teach the people in your company or association how to reduce clutter and disorganization?
  • Do you want to help your employees or committee members become more organized?
  • Would introducing good organizational habits and routines be beneficial to your group, club, or professional organization?

Katherine Trezise welcomes the opportunity to share her professional organizing experience, processes, and success stories with your group or association of any size.

You can choose from a list of her most requested presentation topics, or she will work with you to customize a presentation relevant to your interests and audience.

Contact Katherine at 770-733-1957 or to discuss your group’s needs.
    We were fortunate to find Katherine Trezise and her company “Absolutely Organized” and engaged her to present to 20 HR professionals at our company’s annual Leadership Conference. Katherine was able to share, in a very short period of time, useful and effective tools to significantly improve our daily habits to allow us to work in a much more organized manner. The steps she suggest are simple but highly effective and provide both organization and a peaceful environment. My team now each have a copy of her book, My Journey to an Organized Life and have benefited from the wisdom within. I would highly recommend Katherine to anyone interested in easily and quickly restoring order to their chaos!
    Vice President of Human Resources Chesapeake Hospitality
  • Michele M. Coneys
    I can’t thank you enough for delivering such a great presentation at the Job Club today. The information you shared with the women and me on Time Management was truly beneficial.
    Michele M. Coneys
    Job Placement Counselor The Women’s Center at County College of Morris
  • Lynn (attendee)
    You know, Katherine, sometimes, you see a movie or read a book or attend a lecture and the resounding theme just keeps returning and returning. That's what your great talk on organization did. It kept returning and returning. Calling me down into the dreaded basement. The basement, which was once a lovely studio for me, a place to run away and paint or draw or just sit in a big chair and dream. It has turned into a storage space/wine cellar/computer burial ground. So, after your talk, I plowed in. Not quite finished, but I am getting there and I have to thank you for the motivation.
    Lynn (attendee)
  • Lori (attendee)
    Thank you for speaking at the Executive Women’s Network. I got motivated and worked on two problem areas this weekend: my garage and my daughter’s play room.
    Lori (attendee)
  • Kathy (attendee)
    I was in one of your workshops at the AAUW conference this past spring. Your methods have made a difference for me and my family.
    Kathy (attendee)
  • Judy
    Thanks Katherine. Great presentation at YBN. I came home and got to work fine tuning my office thanks to you.

Presentation Topics

Keynote Presentation

  • Organization Changes Lives

Paperwork, Time, and Financial Organizing

  • Freedom from Disorganization: Clear the Clutter and Live Your Life
  • From Piles to Peace of Mind: How to Organize Your Paperwork
  • Time Organization
  • Organize for Tax Time & Keep Track of Your Finances All Year Long
  • Game Plan for Your Life: Organize for the Future

Home Organizing

  • Freedom from Disorganization: Clear the Clutter and Live Your Life

Small Business Organizing

  • 10 Ways to Organize Your Office for Productivity & Peace of Mind
  • 4 Organizing Secrets of Profitable Business Owners


  • Organize Your Head, Heart & Home for the Holidays
  • The Organized Christian Woman

Organizing in Special Situations

  • Understand Chronic Disorganization
  • Power over Procrastination
  • Let Go of Things that Don’t Matter
  • Take Charge of Your Healthcare: Organize Your Medical Documents
  • Keep Your Resolution to Get Organized This Year