Proper Time Management + Defined Spaces = Dinner Party Bliss

The Organized Way to Dinner Party Planning
Imagine if we rewrote the script to Disney’s Cinderella. Let’s tell the story from a more realistic perspective. Cinderella is hosting an evening dinner party in her home with her prince charming, John-her husband of 12 years. Now, in order to have a successful event, she knows there are many things that will need to be done. So as not to feel overwhelmed, she and John sit down and create an organized list of things that need to be accomplished before the dinner party, this way, nothing will be overlooked and there will be enough time to finish all.

As no mice live in their home, at least none that they are aware of, and they can’t talk to birds or manipulate pumpkins, Cinderella and John enlist the help of their two wonderful daughters to tidy the house. Yes, their daughters are able to straighten the home and put away their toys without parental assistance. How is this possible? Everything that needs to be picked-up and put away has a defined home (a labeled bin, a drawer, or a cabinet). There is no overflow-only what is needed is in the home and it fits in the assigned space.

With proper planning and organization, Cinderella and John host a successful and enjoyable dinner party in their home-no magic required.

Need the assistance of a fairy godmother? Check-out Partyswizzle’s website for a free, detailed, dinner party checklist.


Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC 

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