Rummaging through the Rummage

 The benefits of having a garage sale

When you hear the words garage sale what images come to mind? We’ve all seen a garage sale. Some of us might use the words yard sale, lawn sale, tag sale, moving sale or rummage sale-but those words should all allude to the same mental pictures. Let me paint a picture of those words for you so you can see what I see.

I am the captain of a ship, a cargo ship, in the 15-16th century. My name-Captain Organization.  I have an important job. I am responsible for arranging and rearranging the cargo in the hold of my ship. It is a big job as I only have a limited amount of room to carry cargo and there are no computerized inventory systems or bar code scanners to aid me. In the vernacular of my time, I am responsible for rummaging through the cargo hold. By the 17-18th century, the word rummage takes on a new meaning-an exhaustive search. In the mind of Captain Organization, I can see how the meaning of rummage becomes synonymous with an exhaustive search-it is hard to keep track of things in the cargo hold of my ship.

Often the cargo I carry is not claimed or is damaged, so I set it out on the docks when I make port. People come along and rummage (exhaustively search) through this cargo, sometimes buying what I put out for sale. Now rummage takes on another meaning-miscellaneous accumulated articles and junk. Voilá, your first rummage sale!

Churches caught on to the rummage sale idea in the late 1800’s by reselling donated items for charity. In the 1900’s people started building houses with garages, a place to store their cars, and the garage became the most logical spot to sell their unneeded items.

Why is any of this important? Saturday, August 9th is National Garage Sale Day. Don’t fret; you still have the entire week to prepare. Think of this as the opportunity for a different kind of moving sale-you are not moving out, you are moving on. Captain Organization only had a limited amount of space on his ship, and we only have a limited amount of space in our homes. Celebrate the 9th by opening up your garage, setting out a table and rummaging through your home to rid yourself of any unneeded cargo.

Take charge and be your own Captain Organization. You, and your wallet, will be glad you did. And if you can’t do it alone, know we are always here to help you organize and purge the cargo on your ship.

Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC

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