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Disorganization, in many forms, affects nearly all of us at some point. According to a Kelton Research survey, disorganization at home and work negatively affects the lives of 9 out of 10 Americans, impacting their state of mind, motivation and happiness, even affecting their personal relationships.

Professional Organizing Services

Absolutely Organized Professional Organizing Service offers many services to our clients. We have made a difference for hundreds of clients in Maryland and Georgia since opening our doors in 1999. Our services portfolio includes:

We work with individuals and small businesses, employing the best practices established by our industry-focused organizations and adhering to their strict codes of ethics:

These organizations’ tools and resources, along with our own experiences, help us identify causes of clutter and patterns of disorganization. We evaluate each client’s situation and then adapt the right organizational systems and processes to his/her individual learning and working styles.

When you hire Absolutely Organized, we work side by side with you to free you from disorganization. We help you make room in your life for the people, things, and activities that are important to you.

We invite you to read through our services offerings then contact us and tell us how we can help you.   770-733-1957 or info@absolutely-organized.com.

professional organizing services

“You were so inspiring that I kept going for another 2-1/2 hours after you left! My basement had paralyzed me for years. Now, I’m scooting down there, piling up things to sell, throwing other stuff away, and – possibly best of all – feeling hopeful.”