Spring Organizing . . . Help Me! I’m Stuck!

 Have you finished your spring organizing jobs yet? Are you still trying to figure out where to start? The Container Store has a fun solution. This year, the Container Store has posted their “Six Week Spring Challenge Checklist.” In addition to their spring checklist, the Contain Store also provides handy how-to instructional videos to help you reach organizational success!

Week 1: Clear Kitchen Clutter

Get all your cabinets in order. Maximize space with shelf dividers, pull-out drawers and stacking bins. Check for expiration dates in your fridge and organize with clear bins so everything is visible and accessible.

WEEK 2: Drawers and Doors

Clear counter tops and make small spaces seem larger by getting your drawers in order with drawer organizers. Make clever use of available storage space behind the door using over-door organizers.

WEEK 3: Get Clean

Clean up your laundry room. Use a wall-mounted tool holder to organize brooms, dusters and mops and free up storage space. Consider a rolling laundry sorter to minimize piles of clothes.

WEEK 4: Put Away Winter Woolies

Clean, protect and put away your winter clothes and switch your closet over to spring. Garment bags and clear storage boxes make it easy.

WEEK 5: Shoe Storage

Get out your sandals and clear the floor of your closet! Protect and store your winter boots and shoes. Boot shapers, cubbies, drop-front boxes, shoe drawers and over-door or under-bed organizers are a must.

WEEK 6: Gear-Up Your Garage

Make room for your car by getting tools, garden equipment and sports gear off the floor and onto the wall with a shelving system. Be sure to store seasonal or little-used items on higher shelves.

Could winning a prize help motivate you to get going this spring? Post your after pics on Twitter or Instagram using #SixOrganizedWeeks or upload it to The Container Store’s Facebook page – Facebook.com/containerstore, for a chance to win weekly prizes! If all else fails, remember, you are never alone. We are always here to help!


Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized

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