Spring Starts March 20th-Let the Games Begin!

Spring begins Thursday. Yes, this Thursday. Time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and wash your window screens? Reseal grout lines? Dust your refrigerator coils? Polish metal door and window hardware?  Is this really me speaking? No!

Martha Stewart lists these items, and many, many more on her three page spring cleaning list. In fact, she devotes one whole page to explaining the steps to properly wash your windows and patch your window screens.  I think it would take me most of my spring just to get through her spring cleaning checklist. And what fun is that? I’m tired of being cooped up inside!

Not all of Martha’s ideas are farfetched, but keep in mind she has quite the staff at her disposal to do her dirty work. Many of us can easily fall into feeling like we have Martha Stewart Syndrome. No one I know can do all that.

So what are some things we can do this spring to make our homes, and ourselves, feel renewed without viewing ourselves as Martha Stewart underachievers?

  1. Stuff a car with donations. Walk around your home and pick-up any items you know you don’t want or will not use anymore. Whether you purge books, knick-knacks, dishes or clothes that don’t fit, now is a great time to part with old things and start free and fresh!
  2. Tidy a closet. Whether it is the hall coat closet that is driving you insane or your linen closet that can’t hold one more sheet or towel, choose one closet and give it a spring makeover. Focusing on just one area at a time will allow you to see progress in a short time and will give you a much needed spring in your step.
  3. Trash it! No, not all of it, just the trash.  Anything you have inside, or outside, that you have been meaning to haul away, go ahead and call someone to remove it. We become burdened by the stacks and piles that we see around us. They can really make us feel down. So why not replace the frown?
  4. Enjoy your new organized space. Remember, spring is not just about to-do lists, it is about a renewal of yourself, your thinking and your own time. Reward yourself for all you do not just during your spring cleaning time, but all year long.

 Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC

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