Reclaim Your Garage by Getting Rid of Clutter

tips for organizing the garageAside from your home, your car is probably one of your biggest investments. However, it is surprising to note that a mere 30% of car owners actually store their cars in their garage. An overwhelming majority leave their cars outdoors since they have too much stuff in the garage. If your garage has become an unruly mess of misplaced objects and miscellaneous tools, here are some simple ways to get rid of clutter and reclaim that much needed space.

  • Start the big clean-out. Set aside a day or two for cleaning and organizing the garage. Go through everything and sort items into three piles – keep, donate or sell, and toss. Classify items in the “keep” pile and put them in properly marked boxes. Get rid of all the castoffs as soon as possible.
  • Draft a floor plan. Before buying any garage organizing systems, take down your garage’s dimensions and note where your doors, windows, switches and receptacles are located. Use these information to help you create a suitable floor plan for the garage.
  • Put your walls into good use. Mount a pegboard system securely on the wall to keep your tools from finding their way to the garage floor. You can also create extra space by mounting a row of shelves over the pegboard or by hanging wire baskets along the walls.
  • Consider using an overhead rack. If you have high ceilings, consider installing an overhead rack. You can use it to store large items such as ladders, excess lumber, sports equipment, and other seasonal items. These racks usually come with a pulley system to provide easy access.
  • Utilize the space under the counter. Some people don’t seem to have enough storage space so why not consider installing peg board slides vertically under the counter? This is yet another great way to utilize an otherwise wasted space.
  • Use a magnetic tool holder. If you constantly run into problems finding small tools, consider using a magnetic tool holder to keep your crews, drill bits, wrenches and nails within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Create separate zones. To keep your garage organized, consider creating separate zones for your tools, your garden equipment, and your sporting equipment. Place frequently used items near the garage door where you can easily access them and keep seasonal items out of the way.
  • Store dangerous chemicals properly. Dangerous chemicals should be kept in a secured and well-ventilated cabinet to prevent accidental spilling.

No matter how messy your garage is, you can organize it and keep it clutter-free by following these tips.

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