Cash From Your Closets: Websites that Offer Cash for Clothes

Donating your gently used clothing to a local charity is a great thing to do. But sometimes it is nice to recoup some cash for clothing that is new with tags, hardly worn, and still fashionable. Here are some sites that offer an alternative to a yard sale or eBay when you are looking to clean out your clothes closet, and information pasted from their sites on how they work.


Twice is a hybrid between traditional online retailers like Amazon and peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay. If you’re cleaning out your closet, simply request a free selling kit or label, fill it up, and ship it to Twice. We’ll make you an offer as soon as we get your package, and you can get paid instantly. Then, we’ll list your items for sale, along with thousands of other items from sellers all over the country.


Ever wish you had a style-mate and could shop her closet? Now you can. Poshmark connects you to people whose style you adore, allowing you to shop their closets, anytime you’d like.
Have items in your closet that you love, but just don’t wear anymore? List it for sale on Poshmark in less than 60 seconds. Sell what you have in your closet so you can shop for what you really love today. Poshmark makes listing an item for sale easy and fun! Snap a photo of the item you want to sell with your iPhone or Android device, filter it with one of our unique filters, and…voila! You’ve created a magazine-esque photo for your listing-we call this a covershot. This photo will draw in attention from just about everyone.

1. Send us your items with our free shipping kit or easily print a prepaid shipping label at home. Items you send in are insured!
2. Any items that aren’t approved by our team will be returned to you by mail or donated to Goodwill.
3. We take care of all the photography, pricing, shipping, and buyer transactions.
4. Your old favorites find a new home while you take home some extra dough! Cash out your earnings with PayPal or use your credit on Threadflip.

1. Order a ThredUP clean-out-bag, and fill it with like-new quality women’s, juniors and kids clothing. Our clothing calculator can help you estimate your payout amount in advance.
2. Give the clean-out-bag to your USPS carrier or drop it off at the nearest FedEx Office location. Your bag comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label to ship back to us for FREE.
3. Our fashion resale professionals review your clothing and we pay up to 80% of the resale value. You can earn ThreadUP shopping credit, or simply cash out with PayPal.
4. Items that we don’t accept go to charitable partners or textile recycling companies. They can be mailed back to you as part of our Return Assurance program for a $12.99 shipping fee.

1. Pick Items to Sell- You can list women’s fashion from any brand, as long as it’s in good condition.
2. Take Your Best Shot- Shoot a few photos, we’ll clean the background later to make them look pretty.
3. Price and Sell- We’ll suggest a price based on recently sold items (or you can pick your own), then your item goes up for sale!

Copius is a social app that allows you to post items you no longer want. You can invite friends to view your items and you can view theirs, too. Swap, trade, or sell items to the people you know.


Still not sure what to do with your sentimental clothing items? Create a t-shirt quilt at Projectrepat. Send them your t-shirts, and in about 3 weeks you’ll have a blanket of memories to use.