"Freedom from Disorganization" Classes

Stop simply thinking about getting organized and finally take steps to actually get organized!

“Freedom from Disorganization: Clear the Clutter and Live Your Life” is a series of interactive classes designed to give you the specific tools you’ll need to start living a more organized life.

"Freedom from Disorganization" classes will enable you to:

Clear the TIME Clutter

Learn how to create your personal vision of what your organized life will look like by setting achievable organizing goals—using proven organizational tools that will help you define important uses of your time and schedule time for what’s most important to you.

Clear the SPACE Clutter

The best way to get started is by clearly defining how you want to use your space. We can teach you an easy formula to make decisions about all your items and we’ll show you what to do when you get stuck!

Clear the PAPER/ELECTRONIC Clutter - Part 1

Should you ACT, FILE or TOSS? We’ll show you how to easily define what to do with your daily mail and backlog of paper by giving you the tools to create a system for organizing documents for immediate action, easy filing, retrieval or shredding!

Clear the PAPER/ELECTRONIC Clutter - Part 2

Be prepared for those occasions when you need to retrieve vital documents and medical records. We will show you how to create a personal booklet with critical information you may need to share with family.

Clear the FINANCIAL Clutter

What is preventing you from achieving your personal financial goal? We can help you understand the role organization plays and teach you the necessary steps to achieve your goals by helping you establish a workable bill-paying process.

What People Are Saying About Katherine's Classes

“I have a way to get started and backup when I panic and need some support! Enjoyed the class and the book.”

“Enjoyed the book. Will use what I learned as I clean out my parents’ house. Helpful advice for organizing my children’s files.”

“I really enjoyed this class. It gave me a lot of ideas to de-clutter.”

“You got me started on the downsizing I must do. Thank you! I didn’t know where to start or know what to eliminate.”

For more information, or to schedule one or more “Freedom from Disorganization” classes for your business or group, contact Katherine Trezise at 770-733-1957 or info@absolutely-organized.com