How Safe are Your Photos?

September 27th is Save Your Photos Day

September is National Preparedness Month. While this is a good time to review your emergency kits and plans, it is also a good time to think about sentimental things that would be hard to replace should a disaster hit. Fire, mud, and water can damage or destroy many of your most prized possessions—even your photographs.

Saturday, September 27th is Save Your Photos Day. You can visit the website for information about speaking events by locale. The website also provides helpful information on photo preservation, restoration, and recovery with links to such sources as the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Articles are posted on the site to instruct on proper photo and paper fire recovery as well as what to do with photos that receive dirt or water damage.

Now that we live in a digital age, most of our photos can be uploaded into the cloud via a photo service—we just have to remember to do it. And if you have older family photos that aren’t yet in the cloud, a quick scan and upload could turn out to be your best insurance policy.

Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized