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An Organized Life

Northside Woman, 12/30/15

10 Signs That Mom and Dad Need a Daily Money Manager

www.boomersresourceguide.com, 2011

How Can a Daily Money Manager Help Me?

www.seniorcitizensguide.com, 2011

Helping a Hoarder: What to do when ‘stuff’ takes over

Northside Woman, 2/1/16

Too Many Toys: 8 Ways to De-clutter With Your Kids

SpareFoot Blog, 12/6/16

Nine Myths About Being Organized That Keep You Surrounded In Clutter

Fast Company, 5/13/16

The Best Cleaning Secrets We Learned from Grandma

Good Housekeeping, 4/6/16

Garage Essentials – And How to Keep Them Organized

SpareFoot Blog, 4/4/16

Harmony at Home: For Millennials, Less (Stuff) Is More

SpareFoot Blog, 6/15/15

10 Stupid Shopping Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Wise Bread, 3/17/15

10 Real-Life Tricks for Creating a Calm, Peaceful Home

Good Housekeeping, 3/2/15

3 Golden Rules for Storage

Self-Storage Finders, 2/21/15

How to Deal With a Messy and Lazy Co-worker


In the New Year, Plan to Resolve Home Issues

Angie’s List, 1/6/15

I’m a Digital Hoarder

The Daily Beast, 12/17/14

Professional organizers help clients keep it together

The Baltimore Sun, 1/17/14

The Dirty Truth About Messy Offices

Unclutterer, 4/26/12

Clean Your Messy Desk, Lest Ye Be Judged

Bloomberg, 4/13/12

Drowning in Email, Photos, Files? Hoarding Goes Digital

The Wall Street Journal, 3/27/12

Set a Routine to Tackle Paper Organization

Angie’s List, 2/8/11

BCPO Announces Inaugural Certified Professional Organizers

The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers, 04/2007

Stuffed: Too many things in your closet, in your inbox, in your head?

The Baltimore Sun, 4/24/05

JT Eye for a B-more Guy (& Girl)

Baltimore Jewish Times, 11/14/03

Tip of the Week: Where does your time go?

Baltimore Business Journal, 8/4/03

Conquering Clutter

Style Magazine, 02/2002