Organizing Your Coupons: 3 Popular Methods to Consider

Aside from helping you save money on your groceries and other purchases, couponing offers a number of additional benefits. In fact, studies indicate that a lot of people experience positive emotions after using coupons.

Despite the apparent advantages of couponing, it can also be a time-consuming endeavor. You need to devote time to collecting coupon inserts, clipping them and filing them in an organization system that works for you. To identify which organization system would best suit your needs, here are some of the most popular coupon organization methods you may want to consider.

Popular Methods of Organizing Coupons

Binder method

Most people use a binder to organize their coupons. You can either buy one or make one by using a three-ring binder. In this method, the coupons are placed in special divider plastic sleeves. To make the task of finding the right coupon easier, create tabs and dividers for each of your main categories and subcategories. The coupon binder is portable enough so you can take it with you on your shopping trips.

File box

Some people prefer organizing their coupons using a file box (any inexpensive plastic container at the houseware section of most grocery stores would do). The main difference between the binder method and the file box method is that instead of flipping through the pages, you thumb your way through to find the coupons that you need.

Coupon organizer purse

This is ideal for people who want to have their coupons with them wherever they go. These purses are small enough so you can simply stash them in your bag.

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