PowerLine Virtual Organizing

  • Have you organized your home or office only to see it slowly slip back into chaos?
  • Are you once again searching for paperwork or dreading the thought of friends “dropping over”?
  • Do you feel like you’ll never stay organized?

You’re not alone. At Absolutely Organized, we pride ourselves on listening to clients like you and finding solutions to meet your needs. We’re very pleased to offer PowerLine℠ Virtual Organizing, conducted by phone or videoconference.
PowerLine is a quick organizing technique designed to help you preserve the results of organizing efforts so you can gain the time and energy, every day, that an organized home or office brings.

PowerLine Virtual Organizing is:

  • Efficient: It takes less time than side-by-side organizing.
  • Flexible: You can schedule PowerLine sessions during days or evenings; Monday–Saturday.
  • Effective: Your organizational coach encourages and motivates you to continue to work toward your goal or maintain your results. It’s the perfect way to follow-up after you’ve attended one of our presentations or classes.

Each PowerLine session lasts a total of two hours. During that time, you and your coach will have two 15-minute organizational coaching sessions over the phone or by videoconference. In between your first and second coaching segments, you will hang up and work on an organizing project in your home or office.

  • Ray
    Katherine Trezise of Absolutely Organized is a continuing quality asset to me and my company. One of my New Year's resolutions was to get better organized and really mean it this time. Through Katherine's personal attention to detail and excellent listening skills, she continues to diagnose my numerous organizational deficiencies and offer simple, but effective solutions. Katherine combines her sharp sense of work flow tailored to her client's idiosyncrasies to reach satisfactory solutions. If you are absolutely tired of the way your "things in your life control you," please call Katherine. Although it is tough staying organized, Katherine continues to offer her consulting so that I never fall "off the wagon" again.

Want more details? Simply call us at 770-733-1957 or info@absolutely-organized.com and we’ll tell you all about this innovative process and answer your questions. PowerLine Virtual Organizing can be YOUR solution for conquering clutter and disorganization.