Werewolves, Potions and Mutations . . . Oh My!

A discussion on change

Literature contains many symbols of mutability-a point of transition or change. Most of us are familiar with the myth where a full moon changes man to man-wolf, or the Latin vernacular, werewolf. While the man bitten by a werewolf undergoes a transformation he does not desire, there are examples in literature of mutations that are self-inflicted. In Stevenson’s, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll transforms to Mr. Hyde by purposely concocting a potion in order to escape societal pressures and demands. He initially desires a mutation to take place-he wants to change.
Many of us want to make changes in our lives but we are looking for that sign, point, time or reason to make that transformation come about. When is the right time? Psychiatrist and author Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stated, “People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.” How do we ignite that light and allow ourselves the ability to transform and sparkle?

We have discussed the readiness factor in prior articles. It is that point, that moment, when we are committed to seeing something through; it is that point, that moment, when we put away our reluctance; it is that point, that moment, when we are not afraid to step out of our comfort zone; and it is at that point, that moment, when we transform, mutate and shine. It is, borrowing from Neil Armstrong, with that “one small step … [that we make] one giant leap for [our inner self].”

Is it easy for any of us? I don’t think so. As of yet, no one has created the easy-change-switch so that we can instantly transform into the way we wish to be. The consequences of Dr. Jekyll’s potion were a definite bust!

Perhaps a better understanding lies within the butterfly. The caterpillar doesn’t make a decision to undergo a metamorphic change and turn-it just does so because it must change in order to live. And the beauty revealed is one of nature’s most spectacular transformations to behold.

Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC