Would Life be Different if you had a Time Machine?

In 1895, H.G. Wells published his novel, The Time Machine. Though new to the thought process of his time, many of us have surely wished at some point in our lives we could travel back in time. Some of us take procrastination to its Latin literal, put forward until tomorrow, but tomorrow turns into more tomorrows and we are left in a vicious circle that never ends. In today’s world, I think most of us would relate better to wanting a clone. If we could just have one more of us to do what we need to do, everything would magically get done.
Time management is widely discussed today. There are a variety of books and calendar systems on the market. But simply put, there are basic things you can do to make the most of YOUR time.

1. Plan your day not only with those things you have to do (work, school, errands) but also with those things you WANT to do. Work towards your goals, even if just a little bit every day. Take things out of your to-do pile that aren’t things you really need or want to do. Free up more time for you.

2. Set aside more time than you think you will need to complete a task. Often we push ourselves to do unrealistic things. The best laid plans aren’t always feasible. We mention the term Martha Stewart Syndrome to our clients very often. Martha has a well organized life and achieves many things-she also has a lot of help!

3. For bigger projects where you start to feel overwhelmed, map out a plan of steps to get to the finish line. Larger projects become less stressful when you look at them and complete them in chunks rather than as a whole.

4. Use only one planner/calendar. Multiple calendars are hard to keep track of and can cause conflicts and confusion. There are daily, weekly and monthly varieties, as well as many electronic planner devices available on the market. Find one that works best for you and stick with it.

Good goal setting is an important component of time management. You need to know what you want to do. If you feel you are stuck and just can’t get going, or stay with a plan, it may be time to get professional help. An organizer can help you with time planning and tasking to achieve your goals.

Have you ever wondered what a professional life/business coach has to offer? Then stay tuned! We’ll have Melinda Condray of Strategic Perceptions on-board as our March expert.

Jenny Power, Absolutely Organized, LLC